Libri dalla Liberia

Gabriel I.H. Williams, Liberia. The Heart of Darkness, Trafford: This book is about Liberia, once one of Africa’s most stable and prosperous countries, which plunged into one of the most brutal civil wars in recent world history.

Ophelia S. Lewis, My Dear Liberia, Village Tales Publishing: My Dear Liberia (RECOLLECTIONS) is a collection of timeless narratives that is an integral part of Liberian tradition…sure to stir souls, energize minds and heal hearts since the civil war. Lewis serves as a common voice, shinning light on a part of Liberia’s history, when people cherished the ordinariness of everyday life.

Ophelia S. Lewis, Heart Men, Village Tales Publishing: A story of love, ritual killings and justice.
In Liberia, the saying goes, “If you go swimming alone in the night, a jinna (sinister spirit) can catch you, mahmie watta (evil mermaid) can catch you, and a heart man can catch you. But only with the heart man, and this has been true all over Liberia, is death definite”.
Liberian Writer Ophelia S. Lewis takes readers on an intimate journey into the lives of Heart Robbers and Heart Breakers.
This riveting tale chronicles the journey of RJ, an Atlanta Lawyer, from the U.S. to Liberia in order to defend his father against a Ritual Killing accusation. Along the way he is exposed to secrets that took place in his father’s native country of Liberia as well as in his own family. Labeled as a Heart Man, RJ’s father’s life rests in the hands of those that can prove his innocence.
The main character RJ introduces readers to many of the issues that plague nations around the world; as well as many of the hopes and dreams they share.

Ophelia S. Lewis, Montserrado Stories, Village Tales Publishing: Human history discloses the anger and despair that too often mar the lives of people. This is Lewis’ second collection of short stories, beautifully illustrating real life challenges, great story line, and a sweet voice sure to woo readers. The stories provide a view into Liberia society one cannot get from the headlines, written with perfect cultural rhythm that will bring readers to Liberia with the characters.
In Good Father (Lofa County), you will see the role of three men in the life of a young man’s realization of his dream; a coach who recognizes the boy’s potential, a father, whose molding of his son is threatened by what he considers an empty dream and a grandfather, whose voice of wisdom evokes reasoning. Tamba Sawie wants to be a football star. However, Kallon would rather his son acquire farming skills to be a good provider for his family. Oldman Galakpai believes his grandson does not have a lazy spirit, which the boy’s father is convinced of, just a different one.
A moral lesson pervades the story in Firestone (Margibi County) when the instrument of deliverance is unconditional love. Empathy is least expected when a 15-year-old boy is elevated from a life of crime to a normal life where opportunity awaits him. Firestone is caught breaking and entering the Bah’s home. Rather than taking him to prison, his victim is offering a different path.
Although Sweet Mother (Montserrado County) is a pure work of fiction, I wanted to write a story that would be impossible to forget, and in doing so, honor Liberians that lost everything during the civil war—life, dignity, hopes and dreams. The real life occurrances these characters face, one can not conceive a more dramatic, surprising series of events. The fate of two strangers collides when a rape victim of the war, Sundaymah Boye, with no desire to improve her life, and Nick Anderson, a thirtysomething year old African-American who is losing his life to cancer, meet. What each has to offer one another is priceless.
Finally, in Believe (Maryland County), the Almighty humbles the proud and exalts him when he begins to trust. The providence of faith in God is strikingly displayed as divine power is united with human effort—the means used is human; the deliverance is divine.

Ophelia S. Lewis, The Dowry of Virgins & Other Stories, Village Tales Publishing: In this collection of six imaginative short stories; themes represented in the work are of African and Liberian cultural influence. It seeks to explore, within African setting, the emotions of ordinary people when they face extraordinary situations. The emotions range from love, hate, greed, envy and fear. Lewis placed these ordinary people in unusual situations and let the characters decide for themselves the outcome of the story. In essence, her stories are generally, character-driven. Look for the twist in every tale in this collection.


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