Libri dal Burundi



Marie-Thérèse Toyi, Weep Not, Refugee, autopubblicato: The book is a novel on the problems of refugees from Burundi. Kigeme, a Burundian secondary school girl, must flee to Wirodi for her safety, due to the outbreak of the Hutu- Tutsi war in Burundi. On her way to exile, she has her mother raped in the open and drowned into a river, her father chopped into pieces by enemies, and herself raped by a casual philanthropist in the name of Kiroro.
The fruit of this rape is Wache Wacheke Watachoka, the protagonist of the novel. He will be born and raised in a refugee camp in Wirodi, in conditions of extreme poverty. But he will grow up. Her mother Kigeme will pass through a short time prostitution to a life time profession (begging) in order to bring up Wache.
Daily sufferings in the camp open his eyes to the true face of the world around him, and give him the stamina to struggle for his own survival. He is very much aware that in Wirodi a refugee is highly unwanted.
The experiences of repeated failures in all his attempts to get a bright life lead him to madness, as he is seen wandering about places, getting no attention from the crowd in spite of the script on his psychiatric hospital T-shirt, which read: “Help me, I am lost”.

Marie-Thérèse Toyi, A Soul for Sale, autopubblicatoA Soul for Sale is a novel centered on a young man called Notoro who leaves his happy village to go to look for wealth, and who ends up losing his soul and his life in the process.
Somewhere in Raza, a fictional African country, Notoro and his friends live peacefully, helping each other to build houses and to solve their daily problems. However, Notoro is itching to go to a place where he will make wealth. In spite of the warnings from his parents and from his friends, he goes to find Goulou, a business magnate in Raza.
Once he has reached Goulou’s place, he realizes that the warnings and the rumour against Goulou were founded. But it is too late for him to leave. Once you reach Goulou’s place, either you adhere to his principles of self-dehumanization, and animalization, or you get killed.
Notoro stays with Goulou and undergoes the most tremendous changes that can be expected from a human being. Himself and Goulou spread their iniquitous deeds throughout the whole country, killing, destroying and corrupting whoever comes into their reach.
But the masses turn out to be incorruptible. They decide to take action and put an end to their exploitation. We are at Raza, the country where blood calls for blood, and where evil cannot go unpunished.

Esther Kamatari, Princesse des rugo, Bayard
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