Libri dalle Bahamas

Una persona che sappia solo l’italiano e voglia fare il giro del mondo coi libri si troverebbe senz’altro in difficoltà. Perché per alcuni paesi non sono riuscita a trovare un singolo libro in italiano. Uno di questi paesi sono le Bahamas, da cui tuttavia provengono alcuni libri in lingua inglese, che riporto qui sotto. A scanso di equivoci, sebbene penso che fosse chiaro, le righe di presentazione che riporto per ciascun libro sono prese dai siti delle case editrici o dalle librerie online o simili.

Wendy Coakley-Thompson, Writing While Black, autopubblicato: After multiple rejections, Christina creates a Caucasian alter ego and writes a lily-white novel. When her agent actually sells it, she can’t resist the lucrative book deal. So, Christina embarks on a journey, questioning priorities and wondering if dreams and reality can co-exist…
La mia recensione:

Wendy Coakley-Thompson, Triptych, Infinity Publishing: Ally and Jonathan have been married for ten years. They share a close relationship with Jonathan’s cousin Tim, whom Ally dated when they were both teenagers. Tim, now a grieving widower, is present when they receive the news that Jonathan has a highly malignant inoperable brain tumor. While they minister to Jonathan, Ally and Tim recognize that there is chemistry – still – between them. Unable to help themselves, they act on their carnal attraction. Just as guilt consumes them, Jonathan enters the mix, presenting Tim with an unorthodox proposition….

Wendy Coakley-Thompson, What You Don’t Do For Love, Brava: A failed engagement and a partnership in a new e-learning firm have led thirty-six-year-old Chaney Braxton from New York to Washington, D.C. When Chaney meets half black, half Korean veterinarian Devin Rhym, she can’t help being impressed with his knowledge and his soothing demeanor—not to mention his exotic good looks. At the same time, Chaney doesn’t see herself taking on a twenty-eight-year-old “tadpole.” She reminds herself that there are other, more age-appropriate fish in the sea. Or so she thinks…

Wendy Coakley-Thompson, Back to Life, Infinity Publishing: 1989. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. An Italian mob murders a black teenager named Yusuf Hawkins. That same night, across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Lisa and Marc meet at a party. Lisa’s black. Marc’s Italian. They eventually hook up. But interpersonal conflict, racist family and friends, and previous relationships loom. Their lives also play out in the charged political context of New York City’s mayoral race, which pits David Dinkins, African-American Democrat, against Rudolph Giuliani, law-and-order Republican. Back to Life is a heady mix of taboo relationships, racial politics, and social commentary that begs the question: Can love really conquer all?

Garth Buckner, Thine Is the Kingdom, Ravenna Press: A Bahamian novel of adventure and conflict that explores the nature of class and identity in the post-colonial world through a narrative rich in imagery and told in confident, graceful prose that reveals the inner lives of the characters and implicates us all in one man’s struggle to do the right thing.

Garth Buckner, The Origins of Solitude, Ravenna Press: Beginning with the true tragedy of the grounding of the “Golden Venture” off Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY on June 7th, 1992, during which ten illegal Chinese immigrants from Fujin drowned, the director travels the world, loosely following the path of the ship back to Africa and then Asia, documenting the realities of people smuggling. On a deeper level, Buckner’s director struggles to balance the strictness of documenting fact with the commercial need to produce entertainment and the fact that he’s often not present to film the true story. So to what extent can he manipulate what is happening? A hopeful book, The Origins of Solitude presents the serious reader with a different take on a global problem.



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