[Incipit] A Beautiful Mind



I was taught to feel, perhaps too much
The self-sufficing power of solitude.
– William Wordsworth

Among John Nash’s earliest memories is one in which, as a child of about two or three, he is listening to his maternal grandmother play the piano in the front parlor of the old Tazewell Street house, high on a breezy hill overlooking the city of Bluefield, West Virginia.
It was in this parlor that his parents were married on September 6, 1924, a Saturday, at eight in the morning to the chords of a protestant hymn, amid basketfuls of blue hydrangeas, goldenrod, black-eyed susans, and white and gold marguerites. The thirty-two-year-old groom was tall and gravely handsome. The bride, four years his junior, was a willowy, dark-eyed beauty. Her narrow, brown cut-velvet dress emphasized her slender waist and long, graceful back. She had perhaps chosen its deep shade out of deference to her father’s recent death. She carried a bouquet of the same old-fashioned flowers that filled the room, and she wore more of these blooms woven through her thick chestnut hair. The effect was brilliant rather than subdued. The vibrant browns and golds, which would have made a woman with a lighter, more typically southern complexion look wan, embellished her rich coloring and lent her a striking and sophisticated hair.

Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind, Touchstone, New York 2002. 619 pagine.

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