The Church of Apple

If there’s a company that’s even cooler than Google, it’s Apple. The problem with getting hired at Apple is “the amount of people that would cut off their own testicle for a job,” one applicant reported. He was applying for a position at an Apple store opening in Florida – as a salesperson earning about eleven dollars an hour. He didn’t count on the Church of Apple:

Have you ever gone to a Church, where everyone is totally convinced in the idea of a loving God watching over us all? If so, you can probably relate to the interview process of Apple. The entire interview process took place over a two- to three month period for a new store opening. It consisted of an introduction to the company, where four or five vested employees preach the goodness of Apple products and how life changing they are, then you’re asked to stand up and introduce yourself, and then, after that, it’s time to dance like a performing monkey to the hiring manager’s approval. … The entire process really smells like you’re being interviewed for a pyramid scheme.

You’ve probably noticed that the Apple store staff is as carefully cast as the help at Disneyland. Everyone fits the role perfectly. No one is uncool. That’s because they turn an awful lot of people away. When Apple opened its store in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 2009, it got ten thousand applications and hired just over two hundred of them (about 2 percent). One of the questions posed in Apple’s group interviews speak volumes about the corporate culture: “What happened in 2001?” Mention 9/11, and you’ll be coolly informed that there are other good answers. The “correct” responses: “The iPod was introduced!” and “The first Apple store opened!”

Da: William Poundstone, Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? Fiendish Puzzles and Impossible Interview Questions from the World’s Top Companies, Oneworld, New York 2012, 256 pagine.



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